back on the bike

Avid cyclists, my long term live in boyfriend had a major accident last Friday. On the way to work. Head on with a car. Car v bike and not taking bets on who won.

I arrived at the scene to police, ambulances, a cordoned off street, a traffic helicopter doing loops overhead, her smashed windscreen and his bike and helmet in pieces on the road. I followed the ambulance in our car.

We laughed together in the emergency room. They cut off his clothes and sent him for scans.

They couldn’t tell him about surgery, I left him alone to go home and pack a few things and take a shower and put on a bra.

A brain bleed and broken nose, two broken ribs, five cracked vertebrae, one fractured foot, countless bruises and scrapes and 4 days later he is home.

I’ve been waiting for the tears (mine) and the anger and frustration (his). I’ve been waiting for the emotional outburst and the bubbling anxiety. But all there has been is some laughter and lots of gratefulness and an immense outpouring of love and support.

Maybe it will still come, recovery is a bitch. But for now we feel lucky. We feel loved. 

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  1. Nothing I can say darling, just sending love ❤

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